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Category Archive: Weight Loss

Aug 16 2013

Effect of Appetite Suppressants towards Weight Loss

Losing weight is not an easy target to achieve. It takes significant effort and time yet there is no guarantee for permanent results; the weight that has been lost can be regained quite easily. Therefore, people must implement more than one technique to keep weight at bay. Appetite suppressant is a good option to include …

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Aug 10 2013

New Weight Loss Product PhenRx: The Appetite Suppressant

With every passing day, one witnesses a new dietary trend to emerge out of the blue but that does not at all call for in trying them all. The fact is that if one tries them all, they are certainly opening up several avenues of health problems. So, it is always better to follow just …

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Jun 26 2013

Things that prevent weight loss process

When one is trying their “level-best” in losing their excess weight, it is imperative that they should be honest with themselves. Honest as far as their motivations and food decisions are concerned. If one fails to do this, then they can well be assured in sabotaging their weight loss initiatives. The first and foremost thing …

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Jun 14 2013

HCG weight loss according Dr. Oz

Some time earlier, Dr. Oz organised an event on HCG and its contribution on weight loss. People must take out some time to discuss about that event and the truth that the doctor found out about HCG weight loss, which was his subject of study. There are various diets that are formulated with the inclusion …

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Apr 15 2013

hCG and hCG weight loss

Dedication and strong will is required throughout courses of weight reduction diets and exercises. Still, many people fail to achieve what they had intended. Excessively large numbers of options for diets, exercises and medications is the main reasons why people fail in their quest. Instead of trying every trick in the book, people should search …

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Mar 20 2013

You should exercise and eat based on your blood type

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work out, you just don’t see the results you want. But, knowing something as simple as your blood type could change the way you exercise. “Each blood type is your own genetic blueprint,” said Dina Khader, a registered dietitian and integrative nutrition consultant based in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. “As …

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Jan 14 2013

Ways of Utilizing Workplace for Losing Pounds

Some people might find it weird but in fact weight loss in workplace is not at all a bad idea. It is always too tempting for people to consume unhealthy foods while at work as it fast or convenient. But is a person is willing, the workplace or office can serve as the perfect place …

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Jan 05 2013

Work Hard for Triggering Weight Loss

You ought to work hard for weight loss. The work consists just in eating right and exercising. You may not have either money, or time, or the motivation that is required to hit the gym, there are several low effort exercises and activities that can surely be conducive to losing weight. There are certain conditions …

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Dec 31 2012

Exercising and Healthy Diet – Key to Controlling Diabetes

Diabetes percentage is rising and millions of people are getting affected by it. However, in most cases it is preventable if healthy lifestyle is maintained. The most vital factor is to eat right which does not necessarily mean getting deprived of delicious foods. Changes in lifestyle can bring about a huge change and helps to …

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Dec 17 2012

Food Advertisements are Hindrance in the Achievement of Weight Loss by Children

A considerable period of any day is spent by children watching TV. Of all the time they spent before TV, respectable time is spent watching the alluring and attractive food advertisements, some of which are exclusively meant to attract children. This has a major influence on children’s mentality to the good and the bad among …

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