Jan 14 2013

Ways of Utilizing Workplace for Losing Pounds

Some people might find it weird but in fact weight loss in workplace is not at all a bad idea. It is always too tempting for people to consume unhealthy foods while at work as it fast or convenient. But is a person is willing, the workplace or office can serve as the perfect place for reducing weight by turning it to a healthy environment. It only requires some foreknowledge and commitment to turn it into reality.
People who are starting out for the first time must consider their workplace nature. The office serves as a good place for reducing weight. Even after work there is significant time available every day. The diet should be planned in such a manner so that other persons get involved. Majority of people will definitely support this initiative. Everyone within the office can help others to stay fit and stick to some balanced diet. In order to make this initiative more interesting, a contest can be arranged.
The aim is to foster an environment through which people can get support for the initiative taken by them. The weight loss initiative while at work is highly advantageous as there is somebody or the other to keep a close eye on what the other person is eating. During break times, one can stop or offer healthier alternatives if any person is found easting wrong foods. Maintain diet and physical fitness regime becomes a lot easier if a group is involved. One person can check another person or work out as a team or group.
It gets difficult for many people to find time for workout in their homes but those people can certainly workout in their office. During breaks, one can do some jogging in any nearby area. The parking area can serve a great place for some yoga. On lunch break, the entire group can go for some walk. Apart from serving as affective workouts these activities help keep fatigue away.
Working out in groups and maintaining balanced diet creates positive results which studies have proven. With temptation laying every corner, weight loss proves extremely difficult for people. However, those who are willing and determined can surely bring about positive changes through exercise, well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Health is the ultimate wealth of any person and with the support from others it is not a hard task to lose those pounds quite easily. But focus needs to be maintained and unhealthy foods should always be avoided.

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Jan 05 2013

Work Hard for Triggering Weight Loss

weight loss

Work Hard for Triggering Weight Loss

You ought to work hard for weight loss. The work consists just in eating right and exercising. You may not have either money, or time, or the motivation that is required to hit the gym, there are several low effort exercises and activities that can surely be conducive to losing weight. There are certain conditions that you require to keep in mind and that applies to your food habit as well. If you’re taking burgers and the likes too much, you should be wary, as these are fast foods that contain high calories and fats. Instead of having such food on a regular basis, you can have them once or twice a month.

Exercise is the fastest way that triggers weight loss. If exercise becomes monotonous, you may accompany it with music as that would motivate you. You could also opt for running that can show fast results. If you devote 20 minutes to running on a regular basis, you will remain healthy. Most of the people, who are obese, commit a blunder. They often skip their breakfast as a strategy for weight loss. Much contrary to what they think, skipping breakfast causes people to gain weight rather than lose some. Having healthy and light breakfast will surely be helpful in that metabolism will begin at the start of the day itself so that all the calories and fats accumulated in the body through the day will be burned.

Intake of veggies is another great way to reduce weight, as it low on calories and fats.

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Dec 31 2012

Exercising and Healthy Diet – Key to Controlling Diabetes

Picture Credit : pardaphash.com

Picture Credit : pardaphash.com

Diabetes percentage is rising and millions of people are getting affected by it. However, in most cases it is preventable if healthy lifestyle is maintained. The most vital factor is to eat right which does not necessarily mean getting deprived of delicious foods. Changes in lifestyle can bring about a huge change and helps to keep diabetes under control. Losing weight is key factor towards maintaining a healthy body and studies have proven that losing body weight not only helps with diabetes but lowers the cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Too much insulin released from the pancreas is not good for the body and one should make sure a healthy and proper diet is maintained. Apart from what is prescribed by a doctor, healthy changes in lifestyle can drastically reduce sugar levels in the body. Overweight is a big reason behind diabetes and eating right is what is required. For those who are diagnosed with diabetes, it is absolutely not essential that sugar should be avoided anyhow. Planning a proper diet and maintaining an exercise regime can help a person enjoy the favorite treats. A diet high in protein is good as it helps in resistance against insulin and maintains the sugar level.

Fats, proteins and carbohydrates should be present is required amounts so that the body gets the required nutrition. Too much carbohydrate should be avoided and healthy fats should be made part of diet. But care should also be taken to ensure that prescribed medications are followed along with exercise and healthy diet.

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Dec 17 2012

Food Advertisements are Hindrance in the Achievement of Weight Loss by Children

Picture Credit : theatlantic.com

A considerable period of any day is spent by children watching TV. Of all the time they spent before TV, respectable time is spent watching the alluring and attractive food advertisements, some of which are exclusively meant to attract children. This has a major influence on children’s mentality to the good and the bad among various eatables, which eventually obstructs the path of successful weight loss in case of obese children.

The actual story is not entirely as simple as mentioned above. The mental behaviors of healthy children and that of obese kids are different towards these luscious advertisements. While healthy children’s minds respond restrictively towards alluring foods, minds of obese children respond more desirably. A survey reveals that about 20% of kids in the age group of 6 – 11 are obese. ‘Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention’ has confirmed the report affirmatively. However, the path ahead is neither smooth for health departments of the country nor for the children who are in pursuit of weight loss. Besides, dedicated researches would are required in this matter because of the distinction in the mental behavior of different children. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dec 03 2012

Weight Loss is a Result of Constant Practice

Picture Credit : healthyeating.sfgate.com

You can find a large section of people making efforts to lose their extra pounds, and a large section of them, you would find, will start up with forming a chart for diet. You will, likewise, find that there is a large section of the aspiring weight losers giving up mid way so to end up gaining back  weight previously lost. This is because they find their diet chart hard to follow. There has been a very recent study which emphasizes on the fact that weight loss is a program which depends more on habit and practice rather than on a momentary desire.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology is where the book was published. According to the study, people who are keen on weight loss should formulate certain skills to be followed before beginning with the process of weight loss. There were about 260 women participating in the study qualifying as obese. The women were divided into two sections. The first section made efforts to lose weight first followed by a program of maintenance. The other section formulated certain rules that they followed before starting their program for losing weight for twenty weeks.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Nov 12 2012

Cavemen Diet For Weight Loss


Picture Credit : examiner.com

Weight loss is one of the primary health concerns in most countries of the world, especially the highly urbanised ones. Various diets set trend for short period and then vanish. It is tough to find effective diet without thorough consultation with experts. However, one diet that has recently been proposed and is still being worked upon is ‘cavemen diet’.

The idea of early man’s diet originated as a result of a recent research published in an anthropology journal. The report highlighted the fact that early men never faced weight-issues although they consumed protein in considerably high quantity, a fact established through the research. This attracted attention of nutritionists and other experts (for various reasons) alike. It was found that 60% – 80% of cavemen’s diet was comprised of protein which is far more than 45% protein constituent of modern men’s diet.

The reason why modern men still face weight issues is the imbalance in the source of nutrients intake. Early men’s source of nutrition was diversified and it included vegetation and meat alike. On the other hand modern men obtain protein mostly from red meat. Maintenance of equilibrium is being viewed as the ultimate weight loss programme by nutritionists.

Now, that this research has revealed certain significant aspects about  modern men and early men food-habits, it remains a matter of time when nicely formulated diet-plans would be available for effective weight loss. This weight loss programme might rather be implemented as a daily food habit as it is, by far, the least restrictive.

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Oct 28 2012

Mixing Up Foods for Weight Loss

Correct Food Combining Chart  - www.fredacare.com

Picture Credit: www.fredacare.com

Trying to lose weight is never easy. Most of the time, diets involve eliminating a wide range of foods from your meals. This is highly restrictive and can make people want to skip their plans to get healthier altogether. However, it doesn’t have to be such a slog. You can achieve weight loss without sacrificing all of your favorite foods. And a large part of it may have to do with food pairings.

Putting certain foods together can make a big difference in how you lose weight. Combining them can help you shed those pounds faster. It has something to do with how certain compounds in foods react when combined. Each food may be benign on its own, but when combined, something magical happens and your ability to lose weight is heightened. Read more …

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Sep 24 2012

Calorie Reduction May Not Help to Weight Control in Teens

Teens and Weight Loss

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

To assist overweight teens slim down, parents can perform a quantity of things to obtain the ball moving. To begin with, prevention is really a key. Supplying healthy meals and lots of activity for youthful children is important for stopping weight problems in adolescence. For teens which are already overweight, the main focus ought to be positioned on getting good exercise every day. Encourage your son or daughter to get familiar with an extracurricular activity or perhaps a sport. Even activities like individuals located on the Wifit could be useful in marketing movement and weight loss. Read more …

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Sep 15 2012

Haw to Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is often referred to as a hormone which helps men bone density, muscle strength and bulk, sex drive, sperm generation and body fat distribution.
It’s primarily manufactured in the testicles, and to a smaller extent, by the adrenal human gland, with regulation managed by the pituitary gland. A insufficiency in testosterone can be attributed to these three areas, therefore the source is often difficult to identify.
Typically, as you get older, your testosterone levels progressively decreases – to the tune of approximately 1 percent every year after age 30. Thankfully, there are a few natural options for boosting your testosterone amounts. Read more …

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Sep 14 2012

Eating Healthy May Help Weight Management

Weight Loss Diet

Picture Credit: FoxNews.com

People go on diets all the time. Sadly, they’re often ineffective for one reason or another. Perhaps the diet was based on unhealthy principles and was unsustainable. Maybe the dieter tried to do too much too fast and wound up getting frustrated and quitting. Regardless of the reason, dieting isn’t really the best way to lose weight in the first place. Instead, you should strive to adopt a healthy diet over time that focuses on feeling good, not necessarily on weight loss.

First things first: don’t try to do everything at once. Switching from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one isn’t something you can do overnight. There will be slipups and that’s okay. Instead, focus on changing one small thing at a time. Once that becomes a part of your routine, gradually add one more thing and then another until your diet is healthy and you’re shedding pounds.

Read more …

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