Mixing Up Foods for Weight Loss

Correct Food Combining Chart  - www.fredacare.com
Picture Credit: www.fredacare.com

Trying to lose weight is never easy. Most of the time, diets involve eliminating a wide range of foods from your meals. This is highly restrictive and can make people want to skip their plans to get healthier altogether. However, it doesn’t have to be such a slog. You can achieve weight loss without sacrificing all of your favorite foods. And a large part of it may have to do with food pairings.

Putting certain foods together can make a big difference in how you lose weight. Combining them can help you shed those pounds faster. It has something to do with how certain compounds in foods react when combined. Each food may be benign on its own, but when combined, something magical happens and your ability to lose weight is heightened. Read more …

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