Cavemen Diet For Weight Loss


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Weight loss is one of the primary health concerns in most countries of the world, especially the highly urbanised ones. Various diets set trend for short period and then vanish. It is tough to find effective diet without thorough consultation with experts. However, one diet that has recently been proposed and is still being worked upon is ‘cavemen diet’.

The idea of early man’s diet originated as a result of a recent research published in an anthropology journal. The report highlighted the fact that early men never faced weight-issues although they consumed protein in considerably high quantity, a fact established through the research. This attracted attention of nutritionists and other experts (for various reasons) alike. It was found that 60% – 80% of cavemen’s diet was comprised of protein which is far more than 45% protein constituent of modern men’s diet.

The reason why modern men still face weight issues is the imbalance in the source of nutrients intake. Early men’s source of nutrition was diversified and it included vegetation and meat alike. On the other hand modern men obtain protein mostly from red meat. Maintenance of equilibrium is being viewed as the ultimate weight loss programme by nutritionists.

Now, that this research has revealed certain significant aspects about  modern men and early men food-habits, it remains a matter of time when nicely formulated diet-plans would be available for effective weight loss. This weight loss programme might rather be implemented as a daily food habit as it is, by far, the least restrictive.

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