Weight Loss is a Result of Constant Practice

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You can find a large section of people making efforts to lose their extra pounds, and a large section of them, you would find, will start up with forming a chart for diet. You will, likewise, find that there is a large section of the aspiring weight losers giving up mid way so to end up gaining back  weight previously lost. This is because they find their diet chart hard to follow. There has been a very recent study which emphasizes on the fact that weight loss is a program which depends more on habit and practice rather than on a momentary desire.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology is where the book was published. According to the study, people who are keen on weight loss should formulate certain skills to be followed before beginning with the process of weight loss. There were about 260 women participating in the study qualifying as obese. The women were divided into two sections. The first section made efforts to lose weight first followed by a program of maintenance. The other section formulated certain rules that they followed before starting their program for losing weight for twenty weeks. 

The results displayed equal results on both sides. Both the sections had lost equal amounts of weight. But difference showed in the long term effect of the procedures. Whereas the second section gained negligible weight in about a year, the first section gained twice the weight gained by the second section.

The point that has been made out most emphatically is that there needs to be followed up certain set of rules so to form a habit or practice following the program for weight loss should be started. Confidence is a significant aspect that the study emphasizes on as confidence is what is needed to motivate oneself when gaining back weight.

It has been noticed that obese people often keep way from entering the program for weight loss, and the reason cited is the fear to gain weight back. These fears often act as prophecies of the kind that take up self fulfilling nature. It is this fear that causes people on getting back even little weight, which, in turn, maximizes the chance of gaining weight.

People make diet charts to be followed when overweight. But, in actuality, weight loss can be triggered only when there is a right program to be followed up.

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