HCG weight loss according Dr. Oz

Picture credit: Doctoroz.com

Some time earlier, Dr. Oz organised an event on HCG and its contribution on weight loss. People must take out some time to discuss about that event and the truth that the doctor found out about HCG weight loss, which was his subject of study.

There are various diets that are formulated with the inclusion of this hormone and promise that its dieters can lose one pound on daily basis. Such diets can lead to significant weight loss within relatively short period. However, healthy scepticism is good and it seems Dr. Oz believes so too. He started to study the subject. History of human Chronic Gonadotropin, which has been related to weight-loss since 1950s, was the first area of focus for Dr. Oz. HCG is produced in pregnant female’s body to ensure supply of adequate nutrients to the foetus. During the middle of 20th century, this hormone was believed to help human body quickly metabolise fat. Besides, it also suppresses appetite and helps people to maintain their diet. Consequently, people can adhere to even diet of 500 calories per day.

What is notable is that numerous supplements that are readily available and claim to contain HCG do not have the hormone. Such supplements cannot help people benefit from HCG weight loss. This application is hardly available as easily as it is touted to be. People are required to get prescription by physicians and the hormone is rather injected into the body.

Dr. Oz became wary to learn about patients’ tendency of limiting their bodies to only 500 calories per day. However, being an advocate for HCG weight loss, he noted that the consequent burning of fat stores is rather good for dieters. People get adequate nutrient and calories with the help of this hormone while continue to burn fat that has already stored. This is healthy for only those who are overweight.

Dr. Oz also spoke to various people who had been on hCG diet. He found that the results were not scary as he had expected them. There were but minor side effects and nothing was found worth concern. He further found that the hormone indeed reduces appetite. On the other hand, hCG drops do not contain sufficient quantity of hormone to effect in weight loss. Only injections following doctors’ prescription are reliable for adequate hormone. This study by Dr. Oz has been considerably helpful for people as it involved their health.

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