Things that prevent weight loss process

When one is trying their “level-best” in losing their excess weight, it is imperative that they should be honest with themselves. Honest as far as their motivations and food decisions are concerned. If one fails to do this, then they can well be assured in sabotaging their weight loss initiatives.

The first and foremost thing one should be doing is keeping a track of the amount they are actually eating and it has to continuously be told to oneself. That is, most of the people nurture the idea that they are eating only when they are hungry and know instinctively their limit. This is not at all true, with people generally thinking that being hungry is what asking them to engage themselves to the “holy practise” of eating. But the thing is that it is not hunger, but emotional fulfilment or social obligation which is making them to eat more.

Another thing that people duly portrays that they are not drinking a lot, when in real world, they are actually doing it. For them, weekend drinking is considered to be a moderation, but the reality is that downing themselves with a full wine bottle in a single sitting can be ruining their weight loss “program” to a great extent.  The moderation attempt should be made on a daily basis, instead of binge drinking.

Many are of the notion that they are eating properly, when the hard truth is: THEY ARE NOT. Many think that they are having a healthy diet of fruits, leafy greens, lean protein and whole grain, when the true picture suggests that they are consuming too much junk foods and refined sugars every day. It includes when one is on a vacation or eating out.

Another thing that many of them “believe” in eating a large number of small meals every day, when the harsh reality is that they are actually consuming several big meals. The long-held concept of “portion” is a distorted one that it does not comes as a surprise of the true reason behind their overeating. A food dairy can be maintained where one can keep a track of what they had consumed and when. This will help one in understanding what truly is getting in their way of the weight loss procedure.

Even for those who regularly exercises, it is not always healthy to eat anything and everything in huge quantities. It is a big commitment as far as losing weight is concerned. Being honest to themselves and to their habits now will help in reaping rewards later.

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