5 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

5 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't WorkingTo achieve the best results from sports, you should avoid the main mistakes that many people make every time in the gym!

Reconsider your attitude to fitness and to the lifestyle in general. If you practice regularly (3-4 times a week), and the workouts do not give results, most likely, you are doing something wrong.

We will try to identify this error. Revise the list of typical mistakes, maybe some of you do.

The first mistake is too much fitness

If your fitness schedule looks like this: on Monday – cycling, on Tuesday – yoga, on Wednesday – dancing, on Thursday – zumba, on Friday – pilates, and on Saturday – strength training, so you are doing a lot of sport!

You know this saying: good – little by little? This applies to fitness, because your body also needs rest and regimen.

Choose for yourself 2 types of fitness, which suits you perfectly and develop a convenient schedule.

The second mistake is the lack of strength training

If you think that “pulling iron” is only a man’s occupation, you are mistaken, because one power lesson per week gives tremendous results for a month. By the expression “strength training” we mean lifting a heavy weight with which you can perform a maximum of 10 repetitions or slopes.

The third mistake is strength training exclusively on simulators

During training on the simulators the limbs move not along a natural trajectory and within a limited amplitude. This significantly limits the effect on muscle tissue, which prevents significant muscle development and a marked burning of fat. And besides, you will experience aching pains due to excessive strain on the joints.

The fourth mistake is the constant execution of the same exercise program

Constant execution of the same exercise program is the right way to enter into a “stagnation”.

The human body has an amazing ability to adapt quickly to any load, so when you enter the “stagnation”, you completely stop progressing. Therefore, from time to time, you should try something new.

The fifth mistake – malnutrition

Scientists found that 10% of girls engaged in fitness, do not consume enough protein a day – 46 grams, when the norm – twice as much.

A study at the University of Illinois showed that women who consume a double recommended daily protein intake could get rid of more fat and improve body contours compared to those who do not eat. Include in your daily diet eggs, chicken, meat, dairy products.

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