6 At Home Workouts to Lose Weight

6 At Home Workouts to Lose WeightFitness for weight loss, of course, will help you cope with one of the most important problems that worry every young woman – how to become slim, beautiful, attractive and athletic.

And since we are all busy people, fitness in the gym is not a luxury for everyone, because you need to find extra time for yourself and for the road to the fitness center. So, as an alternative, we suggest you try to practice home fitness for beginners for weight loss – it’s easier, faster, and much cheaper.

  • Fitness training both in the hall and at home should include power loads and cardio exercises, which are better to alternate between each other.
  • Fitness exercises for weight loss should begin with a warm-up, which will help warm up the muscles, prepare them for the upcoming loads and tune in to the working mood.
  • Fitness for weight loss will bring the desired results, if you do it regularly, 2-3 times a week.
  • Do not swing every day, because moderate loads should alternate with rest.
  • It is necessary to clearly present the desired result and proceeding from this select the complexes of exercises of the fitness for slimming belly and sides.
  • Do not focus only on problem areas. Moderate workload during fitness classes should receive all the muscles of the body to maintain it in shape.
  • To motivate classes, measure well your volumes once a month and then compare them with the results.
  • Fitness for weight loss works effectively only in combination with a balanced and balanced diet.
  • During classes, pick up a pleasant and dynamic music for fitness – so the work will go more fun.

Fitness exercise – squats

Put your feet shoulder width apart. Hands stretch out in front of you. Do squats with a straight back, without lifting your feet off the floor, until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Do 25 times in 2 approaches.

Fitness exercise – push-ups

Take an emphasis lying down and perform push-ups from the floor. Do 20 times in 2 approaches.

Fitness exercise – twisting

Lying on your back, bend your legs in your lap, put your feet on the floor, put your hands behind your head. Smoothly lift the body, tearing off the shoulder blades from the floor, but without lifting the lower back. Then smoothly return back. Do 25 times in 2 approaches.

Fitness exercise – pendulum

Lying on your side, pull out your lower arm and put your head on it. With the other hand, lean on the floor. Legs bend in the knees. Gently lift the upper leg 40 cm from the floor and the bottom. Repeat 25 times for each side.

Fitness Exercise – Strap

Lying on the floor on your stomach, bend your arms in the elbows at a right angle. Lay your feet on elbows and toes. Strain the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Try to keep from head to toe. Hold in this position for 30 seconds. Make two approaches.

Fitness exercise – jumping

Pick up the rope in its height and perform jumps. Initially, the duration of the exercise can be 10 minutes. Then time can be gradually increased.

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