Signs of Disease That Are Written All Over Your Face

Signs of Disease That Are Written All Over Your FaceIt happens that irritation or a spot on the skin is a purely cosmetic “blot”. Another thing is when the skin on the face gives the alarm. Such a “problem” cannot be smeared with cream and cannot be hidden in tone. Why is this dangerous? Because the skin “gives out” to the surface those problems that have already settled inside, but are still invisible.

It is not surprising that a cosmetologist or a dermatologist helps to calculate a serious disease still in the bud and save the patient’s health and life. How does a person “tell” about a serious problem?

Coloring eyes

It is clear that the eyes will react red if you sat out in front of a laptop, did not sleep or walked for a long time on a sunny day without sunglasses. This problem goes away after a couple of days. Another thing, when the redness occurs without obvious reasons and does not disappear.

Symptom. Such a signal the body gives a high intracranial pressure.

Edema under the eyes

If your skin undergoes age-related changes or you had a party with alcohol before midnight, you will have to take more care of your appearance and healthy lifestyle so that aesthetic flaws do not interfere with your attractiveness.

Symptom. Swelling and hernia under the eyes – a sign of a serious failure of the kidneys.

Yellow Skin

The reason may be overdosing with trips to the solarium, an excess of orange vegetables in the diet (especially carrots), as well as a reaction to some types of peeling.

Symptom. The skin yellowed for no reason, you need to check the liver and, possibly, to carry out a soft cleansing of the body.

Excess fat content of the skin, active salination

This is not only possible in adolescents. If you picked the cream incorrectly (instead of moisturizing, you use a nutrient in excess, do not remove the rest of the cream with a napkin) or there is too much greasy-salty-hot in your menu, you just need to correct the mistakes made.

Symptom. Excessive oily skin on the face is one of the first symptoms of diabetes mellitus (with a strong thirst and frequent urination), and also signals about problems with the thyroid gland.


Have you long gone out of adolescence, and pimples from time to time do you see a face? This happens before menstruation or if you have eaten too much junk food. But even in this case, vulgar acne appears on the face, not acne.

Symptom. Acne in adulthood is an SOS signal from an organism in distress. The body tells you what troubles it has with acne:

• on the forehead – the stomach suffers;

• in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle – gynecological problems are possible (cyst, polyps, inflammations, tumors);

• lower jaw area – disorders in the immune system;

• whiskey – a failure of the kidneys.

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