Simple and Useful Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Simple and Useful Tips to Help You Lose WeightLosing weight does not begin with debilitating hunger strikes, a reduction in diet and endless sports.

Thanks to these recommendations, you will not only facilitate the process of losing weight, but also strengthen the body as a whole!

A glass of water before eating

Clean water improves metabolism and digestive processes. And if you are hungry, just drink a glass of water.

Dried fruits before bedtime

Before the start of the diet, try to prepare the body for exercise. For example, you can eat prunes before bedtime – dried fruit activates the work of the intestines.

Calorie counting

Any diet is a compilation of an approximate diet for each day and calorie counting. Take for the rule not to exceed the daily rate of 1800 kilocalories.
On a note! Weigh products on electronic scales and write down the weight in a special diary. So it will be easier for you to count calories.

Biological additives

If you feel the need for vitamins, buy multivitamins in capsules or tablets. There is nothing wrong with supplementing your diet with artificial additives.

Eat more vegetables – vegetables and fruits should be your main and favorite dish. Start eating food from a vegetable salad.
Interesting! Vegetables practically do not contain calories. Regular consumption of these natural products rejuvenates the body and has a beneficial effect on the digestive tract.

Forget about fizzy drinks – drink clean water, tea, juices, fruit drinks, jelly, but in any case not sweet soda. If you do not spend a lot of energy, then the calories from soda are transformed into fatty deposits.

Revise the diet – give up 3 meals a day during the day. It is better to eat small portions, but 5-6 times.
Burn off excess fat – refresh yourself, go for a walk or jog. Try not to use the elevator, public transport (if you can walk a peshochkom), a bicycle. Walk in the fresh air, and soon you will notice an improvement in well-being and figure.

Sign up for the gym – if you really want to put yourself in order, then refer to the help of a fitness trainer. He will tell you which training program is best for you and will help you to adjust the nutrition.

Remember that if you do not have any genetically or acquired diseases that affect the metabolism, then you will be able to lose weight yourself. And this does not require exhausting hunger strikes and training. If you started to get rid of excess calories, but progress is slow, then most likely a problem in diet. We offer you an effective diet menu.


Start your morning meal with low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt. Prepare a sandwich of corn bread (black, not white) and dilute it with a slice of cheese or ham. The main dish can be oatmeal with dried fruits. As a drink for breakfast it is recommended to drink green tea with a slice of lemon.


Vegetable salad without vegetable oil. Rice or buckwheat with boiled chicken breasts and garlic. Instead of chicken, you can eat boiled fish with vegetables. In the afternoon, it is advisable not to drink tea, but to confine yourself to pure water or juice.


Vegetable salad or fruit platter. Yogurt with biscuits. You can prepare muesli and add them with bread. As a sweet, dried fruits are usually used.
So, if you want to lose weight, then follow simple recommendations and remember that your figure is the result of your own efforts! If you still can not lose even 4-6 lbs per month, it is recommended to consult a dietician.

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