9 Tips to Lose Weight During Quarantine

9 Tips to Lose Weight During Quarantine

Self-isolation and quarantine remain the most effective methods to control the coronavirus pandemic today. If you have the opportunity to work from home, organize a quarantine: stay at home, do not communicate with friends and relatives (especially the elderly), do not visit public places. However, there is one problem: during quarantine, you can significantly gain weight. We are moving less, and there are more temptations, and nobody canceled snacks due to boredom either. How to save a figure and not gain excess weight during quarantine and self-isolation? We have some tips.

1. Exercise

In the first half-hour after waking up, do not be lazy and do a small set of exercises. Mash out all muscle groups, from the cervical to the ankle — a short workout will not only cheer you up and set you up for an energetic day, but it will also start your metabolism and during the day it will be much more active.

2. Do not skip breakfast

In the first part after waking up, you must have breakfast — this is an indispensable rule. The first-morning meal will help maintain a healthy level of sugar in the blood, push the metabolism and make it more active, and also help you not to have a snack during the first half of the day and calmly wait for dinner. The most important thing is to choose the right products.

3. Drink a glass of water

A glass of water on an empty stomach (you can drink with a slice of lemon) is another tool that will help “wake up” your metabolism. In addition, water will fill the space of the stomach and you will eat less at breakfast.

4. Schedule your workouts

Home workouts are a great way to maintain your activity level. But if you spend all the time at home, it is easy to fall into the sin of laziness and endlessly postpone the start of the training more and more. Make a schedule and be sure to stick to it. If you do not trust yourself, arrange with friends to remotely control you.

5. Take a walk

Yes, unexpected advice, agree. But you can walk during quarantine — the main thing is to do it in places where there are few people and it is possible to maintain a safe distance. If there is a park, square or promenade near your home, you may well go for a walk every day. The main thing is to observe precautions when leaving the house: do not touch the door handles and surfaces with bare hands, press the elevator buttons with a toothpick or a match, do not touch your face with your hands while walking, and after it wash your hands immediately.

6. Dance

You can have a solo dance party, or you can get friends on Skype and have a real dance night. And what about the fact that each of you will be in your apartment — you still have a great time.

7. Start a great cleaning

When else to clean up your home, if not during quarantine? A big cleaning will replace your workout in the gym, and you won’t have to go out for this.

8. Control your appetite

Whenever you feel hungry, pause. Drink some water and ask yourself if you really want to eat — or are you trying to “chew” boredom, stress, or anxiety in this way? You will be surprised how often we eat when we are not really hungry at all.

9. Read less news

And try to spend as little time as possible on the Internet and especially on social networks. In ordinary times, they also increase our stress level, and especially during a pandemic. Meanwhile, constant stress is the surest way to disrupt metabolism and gain weight. Do not give in!

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