Protein vs Carbohydrate: Which Diet is Better

Protein vs Carbohydrate: Which Diet is Better

A protein diet more effective at the beginning of the fight against accumulated fat

To start losing weight and achieve a quick effect, rely on low-fat varieties of chicken, fish, low-fat dairy foods, eggs, and vegetables.

A protein diet was more effective for those who first began to lose weight than a carbohydrate diet (glycemic). Evidence of the study is published in the medical journal Nutrients.

Low-fat chicken and fish, unsweetened vegetables will help you lose weight faster

Two groups of obese and overweight volunteers who were not friends with sports starting a diet. Some ate a protein diet for 8 weeks, others a carbohydrate diet.

Physicians compared their health and body weight at the beginning and end of the experiment. It turned out that the protein diet is particularly effective:

The muscle mass was preserved.

Scientists note that to date, studies comparing the effectiveness of protein and carbohydrate diets are almost non-existent.

Now the situation is fixed: if you have long been going to lose weight, but did not know where to start, then pay attention to a protein diet.

Principle of protein diet:

  • eliminate simple carbohydrates (sugar, honey, ripe fruit, candy, pastries, etc.);
  • protein foods should make up 60% of the daily diet;
  • to help digestion, protein dishes are diversified with a small number of unsweetened vegetables and fruits.

A protein diet helps to lose fat quickly and lose weight in a short time. But it is not suitable for everyone, because the diet is not balanced enough.

You can not be on a protein diet:

  • with kidney and liver problems,
  • if you have gout, diabetes, problems with blood clotting,
  • there are diseases of the digestive system, heart and blood vessels,
  • during pregnancy and lactation,
  • children and adolescents.

Be sure to consult a doctor before dieting!

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