Reasons You’re Not Seeing The Fitness Results You Crave

Reasons You're Not Seeing The Fitness Results You CraveAttractiveness for women is very important, but some confuse time and place, going to a fitness club not for sporting achievements, but for increasing self-esteem and looking for a partner. Bright makeup, strong aroma of perfume, an abundance of jewelry, loose hair and frank outfit interfere primarily with the woman herself. Excess cosmetic products on the face prevents the normal breathing of the skin, which can cause redness and irritation, besides the athlete has to constantly get distracted to powder her nose.
And let the visitor care little about the comfort of others, leaving behind her hair on the simulators, it is simply not safe for them, because the strands may well get into the moving parts of the simulators, causing injury. Many are simply embarrassed to give all the best in the hall, because it provokes excessive sweating, which does not fit in with the image of a fatal beauty. It is necessary to open such terrible secrets to such visitors – people come to the hall to study and not look at others, and in fact nobody cares how you look from the outside. Here everyone is equal and everyone notices only the result of his labors.

Nutrition Errors

The result of physical activity will largely depend on how the athlete eats. If he came to the hall with excess weight and continues to adhere to previous habits, then he is unlikely to notice any positive results. The process of burning excess fat will start only if there is a decrease in the proportion of simple carbohydrates in the diet – baking, baking, bread, sweets, because they provide the body with energy and contribute to the deposition of fat with a lack of physical activity. But the reverse situation, when a woman drastically reduces the calorie intake, while refusing elemental nutrients, does not in the best way affect her well-being and appearance.
With a deficiency of protein – the main builder of muscle tissue, the body will have nothing left to do but draw energy from its own muscles, which means there can be no talk of any beautiful relief. In addition, mealtime is important. So, for 1 – 1.5 hours before a workout, you need to have a snack, so as not to fall in the gym from fatigue, and immediately after fitness you also need to saturate the body with protein.

Refusal from the services of a fitness instructor

Of course, this pleasure is not affordable for everyone, but at the beginning it’s easy for newbies to do without his advice and instructions. A fitness trainer will not only help you master the correct technique for doing the exercises, but will also select the right program depending on the level of fitness, but will also adjust it according to your abilities, taking into account the available indications and contraindications, particular body structure and illness. Only a fitness instructor can understand at what stage and how to correct the process, select the unique “formula” that will lead an athlete to success.
If there is no possibility to hire a coach every time you go to the gym, you can go through a couple of familiarization trainings, and then resort to the services of a specialist only from time to time. Alternatively, you can purchase immediately a unit of lessons consisting of ten workouts – it will cost less than pay for each lesson separately. You can always get out of the situation, but you should not ignore the advice of professionals. If there is no opportunity to contact the coach, there will always be an athlete in the gym, whose appearance will leave no doubt about his experience. Such guys seldom refuse advice and easily agree to show how to do the exercises correctly, and they will insure, if that.

Selection of exercises for one problem area

One of the most common mistakes women have decided to do fitness. As a rule, the representatives of the weaker sex have claims to any one part of the body – the stomach, chest or buttocks, which they would like to correct, without involving other muscles in the work. They concentrate only on one thing, ignoring other simulators and not performing exercises to work out other muscles of the body. As a result, the chances of creating a beautiful proportionally developed figure are significantly reduced, but this is not the worst.
Worse, when uninterrupted shock physical exertion on one part of the body leads to micro-damage of the muscles, and even injuries. In the body, everything is interconnected. It is impossible to lose weight only in the legs, as it is impossible to pump cubes on the press without strengthening the muscles of the back. Moreover, shock loads on the abdominal muscles without necessarily working out the back muscles can lead to pinching of the nerve endings and the development of sciatica. Therefore, you need to pump all the basic muscles of the body, and with them, and additional, not forgetting the need for their rest and recovery.

Fear of Exercise

Perhaps this is one of the most common horror stories among the fair sex – the fear of pumping. This is how people who are far from the world of sports argue, who have no idea how much effort, labor and time they need to spend to get a relief body. Well, here women have much less chances than men just because their body is not physiologically purely predisposed to the growth of muscle mass. Without special nutrition and taking special drugs to achieve such results is almost impossible.
Therefore, do not be afraid of training with the burdening, although here you need to act reasonably, not rushing off the bat, and increasing the load gradually. Monotonous training with the same intensity of progress will not give, although not every woman is chasing him. To keep yourself in shape, such physical activity is fine. This applies to most types of fitness – aqua aerobics, tap dance, Nordic walking, various dance styles. But if you want something more serious, then you need to go to the gym, combining cardio and intensive interval loads.

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