18 Ways to Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym

18 Ways to Lose Weight Without Going to the Gym1. Give your teeth work

Food is important. The degree of digestibility of food depends on various factors, one of which is the thorough chewing of food. Slowly and diligently chewing food, we achieve several goals.
We give the body time to convey to the brain a signal about saturation, and this takes about 20 minutes. The rapid absorption of food leads to the fact that there is still no signal about satiety, but we already ate more than necessary.
Well-ground and mixed with saliva food is much better absorbed, which means it will take less.
To facilitate the task, you can and should eat small pieces – they are easier to chew.

2. Eat Thoughtfully

This means that while eating, you need to eat, not reading or watching a movie. Scientists have long proven that if you are distracted while eating, the amount of food eaten increases. We simply do not notice how we eat more than necessary.

3. Remove the bright light

Those who prefer to eat with dim warm light, on average, eat 175 kcal less than fans of bright cold lighting. Bright light increases appetite. You can simply change the light bulb to a less powerful one, or even better – arrange a candlelight dinner more often. And not just for the sake of eating less. A romantic dinner, as a rule, is a continuation, which also very effectively burns calories.

4. Walk more

We do not invite you to run or even do Scandinavian walking for weight loss. It’s enough just to start walking more. Walking in the park with a dog or with children, admiring the foliage and clouds. Walking home from work, at least part of the way. Walks not only help burn calories, they improve mood, and lower the level of cortisol, a stress hormone. And many people are accustomed to stress.

5. Sleep instead of eating

If you do not get enough sleep, the level of estrogen, a hormone responsible, among other things, for a feeling of satiety decreases in the body. And the level of the hormone ghrelin, which causes hunger, rises. In this case, the sleepy organism is more inclined to eat harmful high-calorie fatty foods.
It also matters when you sleep. Night vigils contribute to a set of excess weight, even if you then sleep off during the day. And it’s again in hormones: in melatonin, which is produced only when a person sleeps in the dark. A healthy sleep is important if you want to lose weight.

6. Drink natural black coffee without sugar

Adding sugar,  cream so greatly increases the calorie content of coffee, that from a drink it becomes a meal. This is especially true for those who drink a lot of coffee. Each spoonful of sugar is about 25 calories. Daily three cups of coffee with a spoonful of sugar – 75 calories a day, 525 per week. And if the cups are not three, but five or more? And sugar is not a spoon, but two, and in addition, and cream?

7. More water instead of food

And do you know that we are very often mistaken, and we confuse the feeling of thirst with a feeling of hunger? Scientists say that this happens in 60% of cases. This happens because one part of the brain responds to feelings of hunger and thirst, and the signals sometimes mix. Take the rule of keeping a bottle of clean, still water at hand. I wanted to eat – drink water. Perhaps the feeling of hunger will disappear.

8. Use the correct oil

For salad dressing, it is not necessary to use any vegetable oil, but the most useful varieties. This olive is a direct pressing, grape seed oil, nut and some others. They contain useful Omega-3 fatty acids, which, in addition to other useful qualities, have the ability to reduce appetite and promote weight loss.

9. Eliminate nonfat dairy products from food

And do not be surprised. Eating low-fat foods does not help slimming. This is due to the fact that milk fats are digested quite slowly and at the expense of this long maintain a sense of satiety. And more – in fat-free products add more of all kinds of ingredients to make them more tasty and attractive. Therefore, the reduction in fat content does not mean that the product has become more useful and less caloric.

10. Snacking is a useful habit

Those who eat rarely are prone to overeating. Therefore it is useful to have a snack whenever there is a feeling of hunger. Remember: most diets recommend eating fractional and often, and it’s no accident. Long-term hunger is the reason that afterwards you will eat more than necessary.

As a snack, it is best to use fruits, fresh and dried vegetables (for example, pieces of carrot or cucumber), nuts, low-fat unsweetened yogurt or a piece of cheese.

11. Give up fried meat

Especially – from red and fat. If you eat roasted pork instead of roasted pork or boiled turkey breast, you will not only help the body to get rid of extra pounds, but also reduce the risk of various diseases, from gastritis to atherosclerosis.

You can go another way: arrange 1-2 vegetarian days a week. Studies have shown that a vegetarian menu helps to reduce the calorie content of the meal by 10-12%. A trifle, but still useful.

12. Increase the proportion of fresh vegetables in the diet

It’s clear that it’s easier to cook pasta, but fried potatoes are more delicious. But we want to lose some weight, do not we? So instead of one serving of macaroni we put a light and useful cabbage salad in a plate, and instead of fried potatoes, a celery salad. Which, by the way, is especially useful to those who want to lose weight.

13. Say goodbye to French fries

And with simple fried potatoes, too. This is one of the most caloric and unhelpful dishes. We can say that it is almost incompatible with a thin waist. But potatoes can be baked, and this is good news for fans of this product. True, it is not necessary to abuse potatoes in any form. He is very high in calories.

14. Decisive “No!” To sweet soda

In sweet carbonated drinks there is just a huge amount of sugar. You can lose weight by simply excluding sweet food from your eating habits.
By the way, juice from the store is also always incredibly sweet. And very rarely – natural. Therefore, it is best to prepare refreshments alone, it’s easy. Believe me, homemade lemonade with mint is prepared very quickly, does not contain any doubtful additives and sweeteners, and it is very pleasant to taste.

15. Use small plates to serve

You will be surprised, but it works. If you serve food cut into small pieces, in small portions, on small plates, then smaller portions are sufficient to saturate.

16. Choose bright dishes

And it is desirable, that at your order there were plates of different colors. The fact is that scientists from Cornwall University made an interesting discovery: the size of the portion applied depends on the degree of contrast between the color of the plate and the color of the food. The more similar the colors, the more we put on the plate. The more contrasted, the smaller the portion. That is, a person, most likely, will put more rice on a white plate than on a red or green one. On brown – less pasta, but more fried liver, etc. Therefore, it is worth planning not only what you will serve for dinner, but on what dishes.

17. Reduce the amount of alcohol consumed

A glass of dry red wine a couple of times a week – not scary and even, according to some nutritionists, useful. A couple of mugs of beer every day is bad. And adds about 2000 kcal per week, not to mention the risk of alcohol dependence.

Alcohol has a bad effect on brakes, including brakes in food. Therefore, if there is a goal to lose weight, then you should choose sobriety.

18. Throw out mayonnaise from your menu

And other industrial sauces too. They are usually cooked with a huge amount of fat, all kinds of additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers and other chemicals. For salad dressing, it is better to use yogurt, low-fat sour cream, a mixture of lemon juice with olive oil, etc. Bake under mayonnaise is also not the best idea. Culinary specialists generally consider mayonnaise a killer of the taste of the dish. In a word, away from the refrigerator, fatty stuff.

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