How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

How Does Sleep Affect Weight Loss?A healthy sleep affects the physical, emotional and mental state. When we get out, we have a good state of health, a good mood and strong immunity.

But the lack of sleep can put a cross on all your sports plans and previously achieved results of weight loss. Miscarriage leads to nervous disorders and depression. Such people doom themselves to “trouble” problems that sooner or later lead to overweight.

According to scientists, women who slept less than 6 hours a day or more 9 have taken extra 11 lb compared with those who slept 7 hours a day. Even with proper nutrition and regular training, lack of sleep leads to muscle loss instead of fat.

Why do we lose weight in a dream?

During the night’s sleep, there is a huge amount of hormones, including hormones that regulate appetite – ghrelin and leptin.

Ghrelin is a g-hormone that stimulates the center of hunger in the brain and gives a signal to increase appetite. It also helps to accumulate fats in the visceral tissue located in the abdominal area. With lack of sleep, the level of ghrelin and glucose in the blood increases, which may eventually lead to type 2 diabetes.

Leptin – a hormone of saturation, which suppresses appetite and inhibits the formation of fatty deposits. Its lowered blood in the absence of sleep leads to obesity.

It is at night, during the deep phase of sleep, that the same somatotropin hormone, through which we divorce from unwanted kilograms, prevails. He participates in the processes of burning fat and reducing hypodermic deposits.

How much to sleep to lose weight

Generally accepted standards of 7-8 hours, fit, unfortunately, not everyone. The notion of “full and healthy sleep” implies not only the clock but also the quality of sleep. How to improve it?

  • sleep better in a cool room;
  • transfer the smartphone to “night mode” and remove all the back lighting from the bedroom;
  • do not look for a tablet and phone before bedtime – blue light from LEDs affects the production of melatonin;
  • close curtains or blinds – artificial light from the street during the night contributes to weight gain and violates natural rhythms;
  • do not practice 4 hours before going to sleep, because any physical activity contributes to the development of endorphins;
  • light dinner for 3 hours before bedtime;
  • if you feel comfortable sleeping, use ear plugs;
  • It’s important to stick to the regime and go to bed at one time.

So do not worry about the missed workout and the extra sandwich. On such days, the best thing to do for a figure is to just have a good time!

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