How to Find Intrinsic Motivation for Sport

How to Find Intrinsic Motivation for Sport

Coercion in training does not give long-term results, says professional coaches. To make fitness a part of your lifestyle, it is important to train with pleasure and not to torture yourself.

Playing sports for fun is really possible when training is varied, adapted to your level of training and needs, and most importantly, meet your personal inner request: “Why should I train?”.

Find your “want” before you begin

Before you start training, you need to ask yourself, “What do I really want?”. Unfortunately, the field of fitness is still often associated with imposed standards and other people’s attitudes. It is believed that you need to train to look good and feel healthy.

This desire is wonderful when it really comes from within, not from friends and society. If the motivation is not yours, then most likely you will leave the sport very quickly.

You need to find your own. Maybe you want to get an equal posture, become more disciplined, or want to recharge your “batteries” to start your business.

Training really helps to solve many problems and fulfill desires, but the main thing is to find these desires and determine how you will start your journey.

These several questions will help you:

  1. What do I really want? And more, is this exactly my desire, not imposed from the outside?
  2. What can I do to realize my desire? Who can help me with this? What resources do I have?
  3. Where am I now? How long will it take me to get to the goal from this point?
  4. And what if we take into account fears and unforeseen circumstances? How much time do I actually have?
  5. What will be the best result for me?
  6. Where do I start? What will be my first step?

Connect dopamine

Dopamine is the so-called hormone of happiness. This is a real driver that motivates us from within and helps to overcome difficulties.

Dopamine is closely linked to our sensory perception: auditory, visual, gustatory, and kinesthetic sensations. It helps us not only to want results but also to enjoy the process.

Become the one who succeeds

The goal you will strive for is important to break into small steps. This technique is often talked about, but not always explained its importance.

According to the experts, the fact is that a great goal can scare. It can make feel helpless and disappointed in yourself.

Big dreams and examples of athletes motivate, but such motivation usually lasts no longer than a few days. Only personal results really motivate.

When, for example, you want to lose 15 pounds, such a significant result is difficult to imagine and believe in it at the beginning of the journey. You can exercise and follow a proper diet for a month. But this term, of course, is not enough for such significant changes. This can make you feel like a loser and make you give up.

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